Our Nostalgic Tour to Rotterdam and Delft

On 9-02-2011 we boarded the 9:08 train to Utrecht our plan was to visit Rotterdam and Delft

The City of Rotterdam

It was a bright day at the start

So was the situation when we were near Rotterdam

We entered Rotterdam through the suburb Alexanderpolder

Where our Energy Supplier has his office

But at the Alexanderpolder station it was a little bit misty

Inside the train not at all

Outside we saw the Fyra train the high Velocity connection Amsterdam Rotterdam going to Rotterdam

A quarter of an hour later we walked in the Shopping Trench or "koop goot"

There were only a few shoppers

We almost had the whole area to our selves

And world known fashion stores were waiting for us

But we did not enter them

We wanted to see the Erasmus Bridge

So this was the right direction

And that was the opposite one

We did not follow these staircases

But exited at the other side

This was inside the V&D store

Where you can go up 4 stairs

Of course via the innerside

And not from the outside like our son Bob of 4 did in 1972!

Still misty outside

We are nearing the highest storey

Not so high as in Melbourne

Old building spared during the war

But this is a new building on an old place

Along the Meuse Boulevard

But where was the Erasmus Bridge?

Despite the hard wind

The mist was still around us

Who said this was beautifull?

And somewhere there was a bridge?

You are lucky if you can read the signs

Where is the beautifull Tower of this suspension bridge?

Nowhere to be seen

Even from a short distance

Are these cables coming out of the sky?

Or is there still a tower somewhere?

Yes there is its base

And there its top

Its a slender construction

Of Dutch Engineering ingenuity

A last glance at the top

And the damper construction to reduce vibrations of the cables

We are near the Harbour Museum of Rotterdam

This is the place

Was it before or after 1989?

Did she had flat feet?

Whose feet are these?

Gloria on high heels?

Hi Cliff I forgot to shake hands with you

It's almost like "Copa de Badalona" of 1967

Free entrance but no visitors

What kind of yard is this?

What kind of machines are to be seen?

From which boat is this motor?

Sturdy but less horsepower?

Less height by an angled cilinder block

Now passing a nailshop on the Coolsingel

Two turning vertical rectangles on the binnenwegplein George Rickey 1971

An old gate on the Lijnbaan

The souvenirshop with standard Dutch products

But some are needed globally

Back at the Central Station of Rotterdam

A Fyra train on the other side ready to depart

We have been in Rotterdam for two hours at this moment

Now two hours and a quarter hour

Our walk in Delft about 4 hours

We met again with the old Delft railway station

Where the ceiling is still the same as we left it 40 years ago

But formerly you could buy tickets at these counters

This view is to the south

And this to the north

But what is this?

Where are the former ancient buildings?

What are they planning to build now?

Is this the way they change all cities?

And is the station the only building to survive?

Do not dare to distroy it!

And don't throw all the bicycles in the canal

Just moore some Dutch sailing boats in the water

Is this the main road to the station later?

And this the students alley to the city?

This Barbara Steeg is a cleaner alley than in Amsterdam!

Is this the famous Oude Delft view East ?

And this the view to the West?

Yes, and this the Oude Delft to the East from the bridge

This is the Breestraat

And this the Koornmarkt

With the former Hospital on the right

This is a synagoge

With beautiful buildings on the other side of the gracht or canal

This is the old Townhall

With the Nieuwe Kerk in the background where all the kings and queens are tombed

The typical Old Dutch Shops on the Nieuwe Markt

We could not find a former café so we ended in the Coffee Company, a students café with Wifi

Where I took this picture from and put some messages on the billboard of 50plusser on my notebook

Another view of the Nieuwe Kerk behind houses

We are still in a crisis, many shops are closing

But animals are thriving

They just have to wait

Till someone comes to feed them

But I don't have some food with me

I can only talk a little bit

and wait

till this goose

is moving

for a better pose

for the photograph

This is the Gasthuislaan, also a street near a former hospital

With many bridges

This is the Oostpoort, the gate at the Eastern part of Delft formerly, view from the city

View from outside the city

In 1968 one evening we bought a yellow 2CV underneath that yellow light lantern, it was a grey 2CV in daylight!

After Military Conscript in 1960 this was the street where I came to live and José came in my life

I used to go through the red door

Up to the third floor where my roomwindow was

The landlady lived beneath me

On that corner I bought a loaf for 37 cent (0,37 Guilder!)

I have lived on the Professor Henketstraat too

It was on the left of the most left house on this photograph on nbr 55

Yes somewhere in this street

That still bears the same name

Why are they doing this?

Do they need bio gas?

No 2CV's nowadays

But how many heaps of bicycles?

There I lived on the 4th floor 48 years ago

And this was formerly a clean wall

With clean doors

And a clean kitchen inside

This is the view to the East

And to the South West from the ground

Where the tree is now decorated

With spare bicyclewheels

And the pond littered with clubseats

Even dangling from the trees

But they will fell the tree

So they will have a cleaner view

And not having to see the chairs

Hanging from the tree

A last view

at the building

where I lived for a few years

They have done their job

The new library, North side

South side

English spoken?

New Library Top side

Former Holland's tallest building with 22 storeys

Entrance to the Aula

Not for vans or lorries

Physics building

Delft 125 years feast, 150 years feast in this building

Mechanical Engineering building

Yes, feasts in evening dress

The Porcelleyne Fles a very well known ceramics factory

Yes, like José and Bob 42 years ago

Yes there was a bridge across the canal in the distance

And the sun is beginning to shine

Children are playing

But the tunnel is closed, so twice a detour

None the less we are nearing our final destination: The Steelconstruction Flat

Where we have lived and our son was born

The second building was built a year later

There were lots of tall buildings in that area

This was the unfamous jump building

And that where a colleague lived

In this building at nbr 243 we had lived

On the sixth floor one from the end

It's a one person apartment building now

With no entrance to the inner doors

So the postman has not to walk all floors

The sixth floor is the eleventh from above out of 17!

Were there trees 42 years ago?

A very clean building so far

Here lived the janitor on the groundfloor

They altered it to the good

Is it clear now how the situation is?

No, they can better use Google sattellite Photographs

Now we are inside Poptahof

Where there are sales for everyone

Is this my size?

Or my color?

Hey, are we in Switzerland now?

And is it fair weather there also?

Or is it Snowy Mountains in Australia?

Well I like to have taken a picture of me in the snow

But not too long it's cold here

Too cold for me!

So you have to do it with a billbord!

Is this the latest fashion?

The sun is shining now

Shall I take a picture of you?

In a pose?

Better in action

But then I will be out of focus

And against the sunlight!

But they will know I'm not standing still but always be in motion

Like you do

of course

But I want to photograph everything I see

Like this Bus station

Where you can cross the rails with a flyover

And have a good view at the station

and the environment

But we should descent quickly

because our train is coming

And here we can think it all over to go to that statue of Rhodin because he's been back in Laren

What do you think?

And what are you looking at?

How many km's did we travel and how many did we walk today?

Yes ,we have the right tickets!

Our tour in Rotterdam about 2 hours

Our walk in Delft about 4 hours

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